Chailey Heritage School Old Scholars Association
The Old Scholars Video A compilation of all the videos the OSA could find.
Notes on the video (from the 2000 Newsletter) 0.00 36 The   original   film   is   of   poor   quality,   black   and   white   and   silent.   Despite   this   it   is   well   worth watching   and   shows   a   variety   of   happenings   at   The   Heritage   and   Tidemills.   I   would   guess   the   year   to be between 1925 - 1930 and shows the unveiling of the war memorial at the Old Heritage. 0.20 14 "Portrait   of   Chailey   Heritage".   A   black   and   white   film   made   about   1968   and   shows   a general view of the work of The Heritage. 0.32 11 A   colour   film   with   sound   made   about   1974,   again   showing   a   general   view   of   life   at   The Heritage.   The   films   start   with   girls   enjoying   a   17th   birthday   party   for   one   of   them.   Wendy   Hollingdale, Sarah   Hunter   and   James   Harding   are   called   out   at   Morning   Assembly.   There   are   also   scenes   of children in a class and a day at the seaside. 0.49 16 "Chailey   Year".   A   colour   film   with   sound   made   in   1979.   Shows   the   visit   of   the   Queen Mother,   Sue   Ellicot   making   a   tea   cosy   for   the   Queen   Mother   with   a   teacher,   Thelma   Cox.   Chailey Shop, Alice   in   Wonderland,   Sports   Day,   Guide   Camp   at   Woodlarks,   Pony   Riding,   Swimming   Gala   and Nativity Play. 1.06 56 "Peter   Cordice   age   15   years   and   4   months”. A   silent   film   showing   Peter   doing   woodwork using his feet. A most interesting film. 1.17 35 A   holiday   at   Sapada.   Made   in   1979,   this   film   shows   a   school   holiday   with   lots   of   skiing featured amongst the activities. 1.29 47 A   holiday   in   Venice.   Made   in   1979   this   film   shows   a   school   holiday.   Both   holiday   films   are in colour but are silent.
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