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Saturday promised to be sunny and warm and it didn't disappoint. This was the day the Old Scholars' Association members were meeting at Birdworld near Farnham, Surrey for our Annual Outing. Eventually our numbers swelled to 24, including both members, family and friends. We enjoyed lunch in the Café before we had a group photograph taken and we could then wander around the very large site as we pleased. There was much see and to mull over. Many of the bird species are extinct or near extinction in their native habitats so there are breeding programmes to try and boost numbers and in some areas birds are being re-introduced into their native lands. Both Johnny Morris and Terry Pratchett have been involved with Birdworld. There are various avenues, some with owl species, some with pheasants and kookaburras. They made their presence felt with their loud "laugh"! In another very large enclosure were the parrots and parakeets their colours were just beautiful. Also there were rheas and emus, storks and bustards, but best of all were the penguins, they were like little clowns. We could see them swimming under the water from one end of their enclosure. The highlight was seeing their young keeper come in to feed them. The babies she fed by hand. The Eagle Avenue was a highlight, too, some were very large and had that menacing look as if summing you up as a tasty meal! There was also a Seaworld section in a separate building where there was once again endangered species of fish, etc., plus some truly beautiful corals like underwater gardens, displayed. Too soon it was time to go home but we all agreed we had enjoyed our day out and learnt much about the life of the many varieties of birds we had encountered. Janet Wilkins - Chairman OSA
Birdworld 2017