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Paul Bura - In Memoriam
Paul Bura passed away on the the 5th of April 2013. Although a noted poet, writer and broadcaster he was largely unknown at Chailey. There is no database record for him and it was only through Eileen Bailey that I learnt of him and enjoyed his works. Ian Sowerby About The Author (from a book cover) Paul Bura has a considerable reputation as a performer of his own work. He has a fine, rich voice which has been compared to Dylan Thomas and a stage presence that can move an audience to tears and laughter. It was the late Christy Brown, author of MY LEFT FOOT, who said after hearing Bura read some of his work: "Your voice played upon the verses like a well tuned instrument, teasing out meanings and nuances that had of course escaped me, who's merely the author after all." Paul Bura is no stranger to the media. He has provided ‘voice-overs’ for countless radio and TV commercials and documentaries. He was co-presenter on the BBC Radio 4 programme WORDS, SOUNDS AND MOVEMENT, and has also reported for Channel Four's SAME DIFFERENCE - a far cry from his early days doing many of the voices for the Thames TV children's programme LARRY THE LAMB. He insists that he never did the voice of Larry - "It was much too high, we had a girl doing Larry's voice!" 'Paul Bura is a straight down-the-line poet. He is sensitive and emotional, a journalistic poet with a good sense of imagery. " SPIKE MILLIGAN "I laughed out loud in my midnight room at some of his tough, witty descriptions of childhood, smiled sadly at his love encounters, and groaned when he struck a certain all too responsive chord within myself. He has a voice that would make DylanThomas growl in his grave with envy." CHRISTY BROWN 'This geezer says it the way it was." IAN DURY speaking about the poem CHAILEY HERITAGE, a school that both attended. Eileen’s Bailey’s Tribute to Paul I felt very sad when I heard that Paul Bura had died. I first became aware of Paul twelve years ago. I was listening to the the local radio station late one night and heard a poet  being interviewed. During the interview I was amazed to hear him refer to his time at Chailey Heritage, having had polio when he was seven.  He went on to recite one of his poems “The Drunk on the Train”.  I quickly took notes and ordered a copy of his book and through that was able to contact him. There followed a long and rewarding friendship. He was a very gentle man and very kind. Often our emails consisted of a single poem or Haiku and were mostly humorous. He moved from the Isle of Anglesey when his mother died and went back to his roots in Herne Bay.  He began to suffer from PPS and life became increasingly difficult for him. Eventually he had to give up driving and was unable to use his scooter, but his spirit never faltered. He was always happy, alive, funny and most of all caring. He ended all emails ... The three L's ( Luv 'n' light 'n' laughter ) Le Paul Paul, you gave me lots of LAUGHTER and I will always remember you as a special LIGHT in my life. I will miss you. Eileen Links Paul’s poem “Chailey Heritage Paul’s website is no longer available.
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