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I was immediately impressed by the magnificence of St Martin’s Chapel when I arrived in 1957. This impression was further complemented by the singing of the choir, at that time still in good voice. I particularly remember the boys singing “Forty Days and Forty Nights” with the choir joining in with an ethereal descant – “sweet singing in the choir” indeed. The magnificence of the chapel contrasted with the Spartan living conditions we “enjoyed”. God certainly did better than we did. Although supposedly our chapel, I felt we never owned it. Although at that time it was less than forty years old it was filled with signs and symbols which came from another half-forgotten age. The old ceremonies and customs involving apples and trees, more Druidic than Christian, had already passed into dimly-lit history. I like to visit the chapel returning to Chailey. I go when it is empty, sit down, look up to the starry ceiling, and wait for the echoes to come. Ian Sowerby
Chapel Memories and Pictures
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