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FIRST STEPS IN SNOW I was thinking slowly, as the snow came down Of my childhood in Sussex and how I walked Across the snow with the weight of New calipers, new shoes, new brace And with crutches. A plump, short girl. A physio hovered by my side giving hints "Small steps"' "swing your leg" "Take a breath" "one crutch"  "two crutches". I could walk, never mind the weight of Steel and leather, or the rubbing of My elbows in ELBOW CRUTCHES. I could walk, " I can walk", I will walk like everyone I loved. " you are doing so well", I'M WALKING "time to go back" NO! NOT YET " you will be tired" NEVER! I AM WALKING And in my mind I said No I won't, no I won't, no I won't. But oh the pleasure of taking The weight off. Eighteen straps on my legs and laces Seven straps on the brace. Then the bliss of lying down And sleeping a deep sleep.
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