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There was a small wood just behind the schoolrooms at St. Helens.  I came from the coast where the trees were hunched over against the sea winds, the branches of all the trees grew away from the wind.  When I saw the height of the pine trees at Chailey they appeared like something from a fairytale. An enchanted wood where you could easily get lost. I never took a step off the path but I did everything to acknowledge them because just maybe..........? CHAILEY CHILDHOOD When I was young there was a copse That I passed every day, Three tall Scots pine were at the front And in the breeze they'd sway. These were for me enchanted trees And to them I would bow, They nodded back and I was pleased They'd noticed me somehow. "Good morning to your Majesties, Your Royal Highness too." These were the words I had to say Before they'd let me through. And after all the ritual I'd carefully walk by, Because a lack of courtesy Could mean that I could die. I wonder if that copse is there Beneath the Sussex sky? Do children still bow to the tress As they go wandering by? And do the trees still answer With a curt nod of the head? Or are they trees, not Majesties And has the magic fled.
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