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LISP A chance glance made me think of Chailey's St.Martins chapel, the ceiling; Angel bosses above In gold and blue splendour. Polishing the brass on Saturdays Fingers black. The altar that I never Touched, the organ, small but it could thunder The Trumpet Voluntary. Sunday, and I walk with dread Praying that the lesson Does not have the words I feared. "Please God make it That someone else would have them." 'JESUS OF NAZARETH ' I recited the words under my breath. JESUTH of NATHERETH. My lisp worsened, I worked the words Over and over, blushing If someone passed me. JESUTH OF NAZARETH No good, it wouldn't shape To fit my mouth. My mouth and tongue Couldn't shape the words. Did any notice it but me When I read the lesson? Then an angel boss winked at me And I forgot the lisp and smiled.
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