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IN MEMORIAM DR STRODE On hearing of the death of Dr Strode, I cannot tell you how much his death affected me as it will have many of those whose life he touched. He was a gentle man who always treated his patients with reassurance and gentleness. He took a special interest in those of us who found Chailey life a bit of a shock. I am so sorry that we have lost a bright light but it is very comforting to know that he lived to a great age in peace. I am sorry that his warmth and his caring nature have ended but his faith will have seen him through.   I first met Dr Strode when I went to Chailey. I was on JBW feeling very lonely and frightened. This slightly-built man dressed in a tweed jacket smiled at me as a white mouse popped out of his breast pocket. He gently put it back. I can’t remember a single word he said, or if I replied to him, but I fell ever so slightly in love. Who wouldn’t when a smile, a kind word and a white mouse were involved.   I wasn’t a catholic but my mother was and later on he took me on a pilgrimage to Lourdes where I had my horizons broadened, finding out where veal came from and what a Basilica was. I learnt that strangers were not to be feared and, if I put my trust in others, I could achieve things which were insurmountable in other circumstances.   Such a bright light and a truly caring soul Dr Strode cared and his smile would light up the world. We could use more people like him. He made life bearable. Here is the announcement on the HCPT website.
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