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Recent horrible wind and rainy weather reminded me of Chailey where life was governed by the seasons. SIX YEARS The summers were long and hot, the sun shone and we wore lightweight dresses in blue or green or yellow with white dots and frilly cap sleeves. I was impressed. The winters were cold and white, crisp and biting and we wore chilblains. In spring it was Easter with chocolate eggs everywhere, it was magic and new growth was everywhere too. In autumn we discovered new school uniform, bottle green jumpers, grey pleated culottes, and ties of green and gold, and we had all grown taller. In between the seasons it was sometimes holidays and sometimes not. We grew... new callipers... new shoes... new tweaks to our legs and arms from operations. We had regular changes to our school terms and teachers, new subjects were tried out as the school moved from craft to academic. Thalidomide babies arrived. We left to find jobs or further education. We married or not, had our own children or not, we were individual unknown ambassadors for what could be achieved. We managed and for a while we forgot Chailey, and then we remembered, and sometimes returned to see amazing changes.
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