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Ted Hartwell : This Is My Life - I’ve Made It To Here Dear Old Scholars of Chailey Heritage School, I would like to draw your attention to a wonderful book written by your fellow Old Scholar, Ted Hartwell, who, in the heading on the synopsis of his life on the back cover states "This is the life story of an ordinary person having no claim to fame". Although Ted describes himself as an ordinary person, he has nevertheless led an extraordinary life, and he and his twin sister, Margaret, who sadly is in a nursing home, having suffered a stroke, (our love and prayers are with Ted and Margaret's children-Ted's nephew and niece) have overcome, with God's help, disease (TB) and misfortune to live a successful and fruitful life, dedicated to serving God and their fellow human beings.  I don't want to go into great detail about the content of the book, because I want to encourage you to read it yourselves, and if you do you will be both uplifted and proud of a fellow pupil, who was toughened up at Tidemills, Chailey's Marine Hospital Branch, (whilst his sister received an infusion of the Chailey Spirit at the New Heritage), and is the epitome of the motto which appears over the door to the Llangattock Room "Men Made Here". Suffice it to say that after abandonment by a ne're-do- well father, the twins faced the rigours of a workhouse, and were later unofficially adopted. Ted had an eventful spell in the Merchant Navy, and despite the setback of a recurrence of TB and hospitalisation, after qualification as a radio engineer, went on to forge out a successful career, first in flight simulation and then with the BBC.    Ted would be the first to admit that family and friends have helped him throughout his life, and he gives credit to many of them in the book, but nevertheless the Spartan Chailey/Tidemills experience was also a significant factor in the development of his character. Richard Wilkins
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