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Ten old scholars and their families and friends enjoyed a lovely day at Hever Castle in Kent. Unfortunately the weather was not like our last visit two years ago. It was a dull, overcast day with temperatures not getting above 14 degrees, but it did not dampen our intrepid old scholars! The castle is a real gem of Tudor history and much more, having belonged to the Boleyn family. (Henry VIII courted Ann Boleyn there also Anne of Cleves). Henry gave it to Anne of Cleves as part of her divorce settlement. You do get the feeling of these people walking round with you and watching and listening to your comments about the castle and them. It would have been a very draughty house to live in and inconvenient for the poor servants to keep clean and to get food hot to the residents! Luckily for us, the present visitors, it was rescued from dilapidation by William Waldorf Astor and this continued under his younger son, John Jakob Astor, who continued to improve and add to what his father had started. The gardens are pure joy to walk around, there are Italian vistas and lots of original statuary, a rose garden and a really fun thing is the Water Maze, which was tried by our grand-daughter! Some of the concrete slabs are touch-sensitive and as you put your foot on them you get sprayed with water. There is a way through without getting wet but it's finding it before you are soaked! Emily got wet before she found it! What a good job Mum had brought a towel and some dry clothes for her. Thank you Brian for organising our second trip to Hever. I think everyone enjoyed their day. Janet Wilkins, Chairman
Hever Castle 2015