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How Was School Disabled People‚Äôs experiences of education over the last Century including contributions from old scholars David Bush,  Sue Bush, Tara Flood, Anthea Penfold and Deborah Sowerby. Their contributions can be found on the following pages (select Themes first) Before School Choosing a School Tara Flood, Sue Bush School Life Environment David Bush, Tara Flood School Culture Sue Bush, David Bush, Deborah Sowerby, Tara Flood School Dinners David Bush Sports Tara Flood Learning Lessons Sue Bush, David Bush, Deborah Sowerby Teachers Anthea Penfold Getting Around Getting Around School Tara Flood Living Away From Home Isolation From Family Tara Flood, Sue Bush, Anthea Penfold, David Bush Life Away From Home Tara Flood Time in Hospital Deborah Sowerby, Tara Flood Relationships Friendship Deborah Sowerby Growing Up David Bush Opportunities and Expectations Aspirations and Expectations Sue Bush Identity Attitudes Tara Flood Identity Deborah Sowerby, Sue Bush Resistance David Bush Mistreatment Abuse Sue Bush, Tara Flood Life After School Continuing Education Deborah Sowerby, Tara Flood Impact on Adult Life Tara Flood, Deborah Sowerby Leaving School Tara Flood, Deborah Sowerby Reflections If I Could Change Something Anthea Penfold Miscellaneous
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