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Thursday 12th October 2017, in the  evening, saw Ted Hartwell, Jack Hayward, Ian Sowerby, Richard and me in the Memorial Hall at Chailey Heritage for the launch of Ros Black's biography of Dame Grace Kimmins. Sadly Sylvester Dale, our oldest Old Scholar, could not be with us. Ros presented the audience with lots of facts and stories, some of which had come from her in-depth conversations with some of the oldest Old Scholars who would have met Dame Grace whilst they were students at the Heritage. Ros thanked the Old Scholars for all the help we had been able to give her in researching the book. She also showed an overhead projector film of many old photos and a very grainy film of Tidemills. Verena Hanbury was also there talking about "Granny" - Dame Grace. She was thanked afterwards by Helen Hewitt, Chief Executive of The Heritage, for all her valuable work and time she has devoted to Chailey and continues to support. Now the next Kimmins/Hanbury generation, Lucinda, is taking on her mother's and great grandmother's role at the Heritage. The book called. "Grace Kimmins and Her Chailey Heritage" is priced at £10 and you can order a copy by contacting her on her email or we hope to have copies for sale at next year's Reunion. Altogether it was a very pleasant evening. Janet Wilkins, Chairman
Ros Black Biography Launch
Ian Sowerby, Janet Wilkins, Jack Hayward Helen Hewitt, Jack Hayward, Ros Black Richard Wilkins, Janet Wilkins, Ian Sowerby, Ros Black, Ted Hartwell, Jack Hayward
Jack Hayward, Ros Black Ros Black, Verena Hanbury Richard Wilkins, Janet Wilkins, Ian Sowerby, Ros Black, Jack Hayward, Ted Hartwell