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Peter Sedgwick - In Memoriam
From Hard Man to Gentleman Peter, born in 1941, contracted polio and was at Chailey from 1949 to 1958. I first came in contact with him when I went from St Georges to the Boys Ward to have an operation on my foot. He was two years older than me and was the old breed of Chailey kid, hard and tough, with a chip on shoulder. He (Sedge) and Maurice (Fatty) Cole ruled Boys ard from their beds. However, when mobile again, I became useful and was also able avoid harassment which made life more bearable. Peter returned to St. Georges for a short while before moving on to the Lord Mayor Treloar College. Who could believe that one day he would become a mayor himself. I gradually got to know Peter again through the Association.  As well as maintaining the database, I had taken on the role of Treasurer when our finances had got into a mess. It was with great relief that I was able to pass on the role to Peter who did a great job as Treasurer and as a member of the Committee. He was also a big contributor to the Magazine as can be seen below. At Chailey you would have never have thought that Peter would ever return, let alone acknowledge the debt he felt. However life mellowed him, and he had become quietly compassionate in his later years. I will miss him. Ian Sowerby Peter in His Own Words “Challenge”, the Boys Ward Magazine, Summer 1957 “Sex & Drugs & Rock'N'Roll” The life of Ian Dury by Richard Balls OSA Magazine 1996 OSA Magazine 2005 OSA Magazine 2006 OSA Magazine 2007 OSA Magazine 2008 OSA Magazine 2009 OSA Magazine 2010 OSA Magazine 2012
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