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Richard and I were at The Old Heritage in late June for me to record my memories as a pupil at the Heritage in the 1950's, for the Heritage Archive. After a two hour session we were given lunch in the GK Cafe. Fiona Duff, Helen Hewitt's personal assistant, mentioned that she thought the Chapel was now open and Richard said he had seen a notice on the Chapel door when he'd walked over the Common to the New Heritage site whilst I was recording my memories. So we decided to go and investigate. The notice said that there would be an inaugural meeting in the Chapel given by Southern Water. "We have to go", I said. So on Saturday afternoon, June 25th, we duly turned up just after 2pm and introduced ourselves, and were invited to go into the Chapel where people turned to look and wonder "who were these New People and which number did they live at?" No one spoke to us at first but, after an informative talk by the Southern Water rep. on the disposal of fat, moist tissue, etc. and how it does not break down etc., people did come up to us and ask who we were? They were very interested in the information I could give them about the Heritage's former residents and use. I promised to follow this up with Helen to provide a history of the site to be displayed in the Chapel. The interior of the Chapel has been very well restored. The Altar area has been left as it was. The stained glass windows are still in situ but covered by a protective grille at present to prevent them being smashed, as one or two of the windows have been previously by some of the children playing ball! We were introduced to the couple Simon and Fiona Jupp who live in "Trecarrel" (what was Matron's residence) and were invited in for a cup of tea and a chat. The original "Trecarrel" was demolished due to there being too many problems to renovate it. The new building on the same site is a beautiful home. Once again we were being asked about the original Heritage and my time there, so we had another cup of tea! We eventually left at 5pm having enjoyed meeting some of the new residents and seen the interior of the restored Chapel. We came away feeling satisfied with the work done on the Chapel and that it was now open to the residents as a Community facility. Janet Wilkins, OSA Chairman, August 2016
St. Helen’s Opening to New Site Residents